Caged by Ellison Cooper. Published by St. Martins

After the death of her fiancee, Sayer Altair, an FBI neuroscientist, throws herself into her work, which involves figuring out why serial killers brains operate differently than the rest of the population. Research will put her behind a desk and away from everyone. But Sayer is called in to work a case where a victim was starved to death inside a cage, the fact that the victim was the daughter of a U.S. senator doesn’t make her job any easier. The case is splashed all over the papers and the 24 hour a day news shows and Sayer is under enormous pressure to solve the case. When another woman is abducted, Sayer knows that she hasn’t got the luxury of time, if she doesn’t find the answers fast, another woman will die. This is a fantastically good read, with a heroine I hope to see more of and one heck of a twisted killer


When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica. Published by MIRA

After years of caring for her mother, Jessie Sloan is finally on the road to making a life of her own. She starts by getting her own place and enrolling in college, but soon discovers there’s something wrong with her social security information. All of a sudden, Jessie has no idea who she really is. Her worry manifests itself in sleepless nights, which only makes her problem worse, as she begins to have trouble discerning reality from fantasy. Kubica has proven herself to be a master at creating multi layered characters and top-notch suspense. her fans will not be disappointed with her latest novel

The Girl in the Moss by Loreth Anne White. Published by Montlake

With her career as a cop in the toilet, Angie Pallorino is starting over as a P. I. Before she hangs out her shingle, though, she and her boyfriend, homicide cop, James Maddocks decide to take a short vacation to rekindle their romance. Of course, nothing goes according to plan and a body, or what’s left of it, is found in a nearby grove of trees. It looks like an old missing persons case has just become a homicide, and while Angie sees this as a great way to kickstart her career, it put pressure on her relationship with Maddocks. White does a good job creating a character caught between her career and her love life

The Neighbor by Joseph Souza. Published by Kensington

A move from the West coast to the East coast (Maine to be precise), Leah and her husband hope to make a fresh start. Leah imagines plenty of new friends for herself and her twins. But the reality is, she spends most of her time alone, with Clay working long hours and her few neighbors not interested in befriending her. Leah envies Clarissa and Russell, who live next door and she finds herself watching them all the time. Soon, watching isn’t enough and Leah sneaks into their house and begins reading Clarissa’s diary, where she learns of a secret that links her neighbors to the disappearance of a local college student. Leah learns that no one is perfect, least of all her neighbors

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. Published by Ballantine

Erin and Mark are planning¬† a huge wedding and a lavish honeymoon, but have to curtail their spending when Mark loses his job. They still honeymoon in Bora Bora, but have to cut their time there short. Still, they have an amazing time, hiking diving and swimming. One day, they encounter a locked box in the water and while at first they try to turn it in to hotel management, the box finds its way back to their room. Unable to resist, Erin breaks into the box where she finds a staggering amount of money and a handful of diamonds. The couple know someone must be looking for the box and its contents and they know that this time of loot doesn’t belong to anyone up to any good. But they just can’t resist and decide to keep the money and stones for themselves. It’s not long before someone who was close to them in Bora Bora is murdered and it’s only a matter of time before the bad guys catch up with the couple. Who can they trust? I nice change from the typical woman in jeopardy suspense novels out there right now

The Drama Teacher by Koren Zailckas. Published Crown

On the surface, Grace leads a charmed life, she has two children and a husband who loves her. Underneath, however, she’s has a lot of secrets. Secrets about her past, about who she really was and what she did. When her husband loses his job, Gracie has to return to her old life, her old way of making a buck – she steals identities. So far she’s managed to get away with it, but her new identity lands her a job as a drama teacher, and she suddenly finds herself questioning her life style choices and why she made them to begin with. An intense and intricately woven tale

If He Wakes by Zoe Lea. Published by Canelo

Rachel believes her husband is having an affair, so she follows him. But instead of catching him with another woman, she sees a hit and run – with her husband’s car as the weapon. Her business partner Suzie, is having relationship problems of her own. Her fiance seems to have dropped off the earth, and what’s worse, he’s amassed enormous debts in her name. And what about the threatening phone calls she’s getting? ¬† Can these two friends support each other is this time of unspeakable tragedy, or will they turn on each other?