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Marnie Davante is working the convention shows, living off her glory days on a hit TV show. The money she earns will help her open the children’s’ theater she’s always dreamed of. Then of Manie’s fellow actors is killed right in front of her. The killer escapes and Marnie fears she may be next. Enter P.I. Bryan Mcfadden, a guy who grew up in the Hollywood game because of his parents’ careers, but this law man is all business. He’s out to solve the murder and protect Melanie, whom he believes is in serious danger. But from who….or what? Graham can always be counted on to deliver her trademark romantic, supernatural suspense


If you read only one book this year, let it be this one. Beginning with the painfully lonely childhood of Kya, the “Marsh Girl” in a small North Carolina town in the 1950’s, the story progresses to the late 1960’s when a local man with a reputation as a ladies man’ is found dead in a marsh and Kya becomes the primary suspect. Deserted by first her mother, then her siblings and finally her father, Kya has grown up alone in the marsh and has learned to live without the comfort of another person, but as she matures, she finds herself drawn to two men who will change her world forever. This novel is poetic, unforgettable and fiercely beautiful and will resonate with readers long after they finish reading

Tori Graham needs a place to lick her wounds and recover in peace after a painful loss and Sandcastle Bay, where her best friend live sounds like the perfect place. Aidan Jackson is the man who takes care of the cottage that Tori is renting and she soon discovers that she has a lot in common with this gentle and and mischievous man. He, too, has suffered a painful past, has no intention of having his heart broken again. But as the summer wears on, Tori and Aidan find themselves drawn to each other as Sandcastle Bay works its quiet magic on them. A lovely, upbeat story about second chances in a beautiful location

In this first, very promising book of what will become a series, a Norwegian journalist gets pulled into a murderous crime spree by the killer, himself. Viljar Gudmundsson dismisses an email where the author announces he will kill a woman, or execute her, for her sins. Viljar dismisses the email as the rantings of a lunatic. But when a woman’s body is found and another email announces another”guilty” person will be executed, he knows he’s in the middle of something big. With the help of investigator Lotte Skeisvoil, he works to try to unmask a killer before he can strike again. Palpable tension radiates from this new and stellar voice in Nordic Noir

Let’s face it, most of us will never own a grand estate in England, but in this book, you can explore the interiors and gardens of some of the loveliest historical homes in the Cotswolds. Twenty estates are featured, with information about how and when they were built, interesting tidbits about their histories and who owns them now. The gorgeous photographs of homes and gardens are enough to make anyone wish they part of the landed gentry. Lovely

After the death of her fiancee, Sayer Altair, an FBI neuroscientist, throws herself into her work, which involves figuring out why serial killers brains operate differently than the rest of the population. Research will put her behind a desk and away from everyone. But Sayer is called in to work a case where a victim was starved to death inside a cage, the fact that the victim was the daughter of a U.S. senator doesn’t make her job any easier. The case is splashed all over the papers and the 24 hour a day news shows and Sayer is under enormous pressure to solve the case. When another woman is abducted, Sayer knows that she hasn’t got the luxury of time, if she doesn’t find the answers fast, another woman will die. This is a fantastically good read, with a heroine I hope to see more of and one heck of a twisted killer

After years of caring for her mother, Jessie Sloan is finally on the road to making a life of her own. She starts by getting her own place and enrolling in college, but soon discovers there’s something wrong with her social security information. All of a sudden, Jessie has no idea who she really is. Her worry manifests itself in sleepless nights, which only makes her problem worse, as she begins to have trouble discerning reality from fantasy. Kubica has proven herself to be a master at creating multi layered characters and top-notch suspense. her fans will not be disappointed with her latest novel