A Cold Flame by Aidan Conway. Published by Harper Impulse

During a brutally hot August in Rome, a killer is making his gruesome rounds. Five men burned alive, one man cut into pieces, priest mutilated after being death. DI Rossi and DI Carrara are tracking a group that uses terror to achieve its goals. As Rome reaches a boiling point, the detectives must use all their skills to stop a terror mastermind. A chilling murder mystery with the Eternal City as its backdrop


Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl. Published by Bloodhound

Fair warning – if you worry about things under the bed or inside your closet, this may not be the book for you. Emma had no idea she was being watched in the privacy of her own room, but she was, by someone looking through the wardrobe beside her bed. Now, she’s been taken by the same serial killer who has already killed five young women. Her only hope is DI Gravel, who’s racing against time to save her before it’s to late. Scary and intense

The Chosen Ones by Howard Linskey. Published by Penguin UK

It’s the ultimate nightmare. Young women are disappearing and detective Ian Bradshaw is desperately trying to find them before it’s too late. Help came too late for the one woman they did find, but at least now the police believe have some idea how they might save the others. But they are wrong and they will have to fight a killer more twisted than they could ever have imagined. A nail biting roller coaster ride that you need to read with the lights on!

How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings by Sarah Cooper. Published by Andrews McNeel

The book that could have been written by the Trump administration! Luckily it was written by Cooper, a woman who pokes fun at the world women find themselves in. Wev’e come a long a way baby – not. If you are a woman who works in any field, or a man with an IQ over 75, this book will have you laughing until you cry. Or maybe crying until you laugh

Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall. Published by Grand Central

Ellen is only 17 when her life becomes enmeshed with new student Sasha and her magnetic family, not seeing the ugliness that boils just below the surface. At age 30, Ellen and Sasha are still together, sharing an apartment in London, until out of the blue, Sasha disappears. Sasha has pulled this game before and police won’t take her disappearance seriously, but Ellen knows differently. As the events of a 12-year-old New Year’s eve come to fruition, Ellen knows that she and Sasha are both in mortal danger