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The incomparable DiCamillo returns with the story of Louisiana Elefante, who is used to her grandmother’s midnight forays. But this time is different, when they leave the house in the middle of the night, they aren’t coming back. Louisiana plots and plans a way to return home even as she becomes involved in the lives of the residents of her new home in rural Georgia. She gradually realizes home is not just the place you live, but the people you love. An extraordinary story destined to be a classic


DI Frances Sullivan needs the help of tattoo artist Marni Mullins after she finds a body. A killer is excising tattoos from his victims before killing them. Marni has plenty of reasons to mistrust the police, plus she’s afraid if she speaks up, she may be the next victim. An intricate and involving mystery

Detective Simon Serailler has nearly recovered from his near fatal injury and is eager to get back to work, looking into the disappearance of a young girl, a cold case for the Lafferton police. Digging into the case while adjusting to his sister’s marriage to Chief Constable Kieron Bright, as well as a series of mysterious fires has Seraillier has the detective stretched to the breaking point.

Rachel is still smarting after being dumped by the man she loved, Anthony Bascombe. She puts aside her pain to celebrate her friend’s wedding, where she will serve as bridesmaid, but when Anthony shows up, all bets are off. Rachel is determined to find out why Anthony left her and she won’t stop digging until she has the answers. While I admire Rachel’s determination, I think I would have given Anthony the bum’s rush

With her husband, a captain on a whaling ship, lost at sea, a desperate Karina, stranded on Deception Island, stows away on a ship, disguised as a cabin boy. Unable to keep her presence a secret, Karina grows close to ship surgeon, Joseph Hooker. But as they sail through the water of Antarctica, the crew begins to fray under the enormous pressure, leaving them all in a very perilous state. Drawing on real life Polar adventurers, Sheridan writes a story that chilled me on a hot summer day

Paloumbo outs a fresh spin on Washington Irving’s classic tale, making Katrina Van Tassel the protagonist. She quickly forms a bond with the new school master, Ichabod Crane, over their love of books and music. Katrina has no interest in the man her father has chosen for her, Brom Van Brunt is a gruff, ignorant bully. Katrina and Icahbod give their passion free rein, and when Ichabod disappears on Halloween night, Katrina is left alone in a delicate condition. Stricken and desperate for answers, Katrina turn to the local witch, determined to find out what really happened to the man she loves

A house sits alone on the shore, empty for fifteen years after the last owner disappeared into thin air. While the house will soon be torn down to allow greedy developers to erect condos, the house will have one last hurrah as a Halloween haunted house. Jill Gardner, owner of the local book and coffee shop and resident sleuth, is spending the weekend at the old house along with her boyfriend and three other couples. It starts out as a lark, but soon turns serious as Jill sets out to discover what really happened to the former owner.