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DI Adam Fawley¬† is assigned to look into the disappearance of eight year old Daisy Mason, who vanished from her family home during a party. He begins by looking at those closest to her and he has plenty to be suspicious of, her father distant, and a brother who lives in his own world. Fawley has too little and too much to work with at the same time, but time is running out for Daisy . A twisty thriller that I couldn’t put down


This is the most extraordinary historical fiction, Ross places readers so firmly in early 20th century New York, it’s almost a shock to put the book down and find yourself back in 2018. Her story revolves around Bridey, a young Irish woman who flees to America with her boyfriend for a better life. Her lover dies aboard ship before they can marry and Bridey finds herself pregnant and alone. The story of her survival in her new home, from factory worker to maid to one of the wealthiest and most influential families in the city is simply enthralling

It was supposed to be a fun get away, a group of teens camping out under the summer stars. Aurora Jackson, who’s much younger than the others, is thrilled just to be invited. But the next morning Aurora has disappeared with no trace. Now, thirty years later, Aurora has finally been found, at least what’s left of her, in a grave not far from the teens’ campsite. Jonah Sheens, who was just a rookie when the girl disappeared has been given the case and he’s determined that this time, the truth will finally be uncovered. This is an accomplished and complex thriller, it’s hard to believe that it’s Lodge’s first.

Karen Albright disappeared one weekend in 1973. Now her remains have been found and it’s up to her sister, now DI Thomasine Albright to tell their mother. She vows to find the man responsible, even as the original investigator takes over the case. Unwilling to let the case get buried again, Thomasine begins working the case on her own and discovers that her sister wasn’t the only girl who disappeared that same weekend. I liked the way the author portrayed Albright as not just a grieving sister, but also an intelligent, determined cop

I have been reading this series since it first began (has it been 20 years?!) and I still love reading about Zinnia and Sarah Booth. This mystery is set against the backdrop of Christmas and features all the regulars, Tinkie and Cece and Coleman, along with a kidnapping. And yes, it would appear that Sarah Booth and Coleman may finally be a couple, even though he has been a serious idiot in the past. If you haven’t been reading this series, you really should, it’s Southern mayhem at its best

DS Karen Hart still has not solved the case of missing Amy Fisher, but that case moves to the back burner when two girls disappear from their school. Still reeling from the knowledge that she has been unable to find Fisher, Hart puts all her energies into investing the seemingly close-knit village. Are the residents there hiding something? Butler does a good job building her characters and setting, all in all, a satisfying British police procedural

The star of this book is undoubtedly the location – the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Cara and Oliver have forsaken love to care for their families, but the magic and beauty of Cornwall may be able to work its magic to bring these two love-lorn souls together. A gentle love story with a magnificent backdrop