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I wanted to read this book because the legend of Oak Island is something that has fascinated me for years. I confess I am no fan of the TV series, which I find as exciting as watching paint dry. The real fascination lies in the history of this place, a little island off the coast of Nova Scotia that has lured people from all over the globe, from presidents, to movie stars to dreamers who believe they will be the one to find the treasure. And the treasure? It could be anything from a pirate’s looted gold and jewels to the plays of William Shakespeare (who were really written by Christopher Marlowe, and this will be proven when the treasure is recovered). People have lost everything searching for this elusive treasure, including their lives, and that’s the real story here. Sullivan, who first covered Oak Island for Rolling Stone, covers the human aspect of the money or water pit and does a damn good job of showcasing the human circus that has surrounded Oak Island for hundreds of years


This novel revolves around the residents of a posh neighborhood in Bristol, England. Joey and her new husband have moved in with Joey’s brother, wife and child. She holds down a menial job and daydreams about neighbor, Tom, a schoolmaster at a local school. Tom’s son Freddie, meanwhile, is practicing for his future as a spy and watches all the comings and goings in the neighborhood with an eagle eye. Jenna, one of Tom’s students also lives nearby with her mother, a woman terrified by everything, sure someone is out to get her. As thew story opens, one of the neighbors is dead, murdered. Readers then discover the ugly secrets that lie buried just beneath the surface of this neighborhood.

It never ceases to amaze me how little we know of history, particularly when it comes to the role women played in significant events. World War I is being fought overseas, but life continues on in Philadelphia for wealthy Ruby Wagner, who is busy planning her society wedding. That all changes when she learns that her brother has been killed in the fighting. Abandoning her safe and comfortable life in the U.S., Ruby becomes a Hello Girl in France, one of the many women who worked as a telephone operator in dangerous places to help important phone calls get through. This is such a fascinating story, how is it I have never heard of the Hello Girls? My mother was a Bell Telephone operator in San Francisco during World War II and I enjoyed telling her this story, which she had never heard either. Kudos to Runyan for enlightening and entertaining us

Carol, Beth and Sally did something terrible when they were teenagers, but they have kept their promise to each other to stay quiet about the event. Three decades later, it looks as though their secret may come to light. What are they willing to do to keep their past from destroying the lives they have built? I enjoyed this story, there was more than a little of “what goes around, comes around” to this tale of adolescent mistakes

It’s been a bitch of a day for Mia Jensen,now she hears the sound of someone or something in her kitchen. Instead of going for help, she investigates and is attacked and left to die. As she lays dying, she sees not her actual life pass before her eyes, but the lives she might have led had she made better choices. Told in the voices of an assortment of authors, from Patti Callahan Henry to Kate Moretti, this is a somber glance at what might have been

Detective Erika Foster and her team are tracking a serial killer, one who has scoped out his victims and planned their gruesome deaths with utmost care. All the victims are single men, but other than that there is no visible link between them. As a heat wave smothers London, Erika and her team will have to find the connection between the victims and killer, and fast. I’m not sure why Bryndza isn’t a household name in the world of suspense, he easily out performs other writers of the genre

Delia and Lindy have been, for all intents and purposes, estranged for nearly twenty years, but now their ailing mother brings them back together. The two sisters realize how much they need each other and work on a way to mend their broken relationship, but their past gets in the way and the only way they can go forward is to face what really happened all those years before. Anyone who has a sister (I have 3), will be able to relate to this book. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy, but underneath it all, they are still your family