End of Day by Mae Clair. Published by Kensington

Jillian Clay’s family has been looking after the grave a Gabriel Vane for years, when one cold October night his body is stolen.  And it’s not just the disappearance of Vane’s body that is putting residents of the Hide’s Hill on edge. Descendants of other people buried in the same church yard begin to experience bad luck in the form of bizarre accidents. Jillian joins up with Sensitive Dante DeLuca, whose connections with the undead may help the solve the disturbing mystery.  Together, they must expose a long-buried secret if they want to save their town and themselves


Murder Wears a Little Black Dress by Debra Sennefelder. Published by Kensington

When her high-flying New York fashion career hits the skids, Kelly returns to her hometown of Lucky Cove. She plans to reopen her grandmother’s consignment shop as the chic Curated by Kelly Boutique and even though it wasn’t the future she hoped for, she didn’t expect one of her customers to be “haunted” by a black dress . The dress triggers visions of someone being killed.  A crazy customer? It would appear the dress  actually foretold the future when a woman really is murdered. Add in Halloween hijinks and people just looking for trouble and Kelly begins to wonder if she made the right decision about moving back home

Fractured Truth by Susan Furlong. Published by Kensington

Brynn Callahan begins her new job as a deputy on a cold winter day in the ominously named Bone Gap, Tennessee. Her first call out is for a murder, a woman has been found dead and mutilated in the middle of nowhere. Brynn a former marine and Traveller, recognizes the woman, also a Traveller as Maura Keene. Maura was well liked by everyone, making her murder all the more senseless. Then Brynn’s K-9 uncovers bones and other bizarre relics, sending the local community into a tizzy, bringing out suspicions and prejudices. With Brynn still struggling after her tour with the Marines, she must come to terms with the idea that those she knows best may be hiding some very ugly secrets

Steamed Open by Barbara Ross. Published by kensington

Ross’s cozy series tackles a real life hot button topic in Maine – beach access to locals. Julia Snowden’s Family Clambake business is in trouble when a flatlander blocks access to the shoreline. Bartholomew Frick has spent a mint on his mansion and he doesn’t intend sharing his access to the water with anyone. Everyone in town is angry and it’s really no surprise when Frick turns up dead. The big problem is finding a culprit in a very long list of suspects. Ross understands Maine and Mainers very well, it’s what puts her cozy series head and shoulders over others who write about the Pine Tree State

The Collector by Fiona Cummins. Published by Kensington

I know if a book has Cummins name on it, I’m in for a dark and delicious treat. DS Etta Fitzroy may have escaped the clutched of serial killer Brian Howley, but he is still at large. Months later, Etta is still suffering from PTSD even as she combs through the creepy “museum” that Howley was living in for clues. The last girl he abducted is still missing and there is no evidence of whether she’s alive or dead. Howley, meanwhile, is not done with Etta. He’s got plans to pull her right back inside her orbit. With finding the missing girl and putting a sick and devious killer behind bars her only objective, Etta will risk everything to bring Howley down. Howley is a nightmare inducing killer, read this with the light on, or better yet during the daytime

Wine and Punishment by Sarah Fox. Published by Kensington

Sadie Coleman has left Boston, dead-end job and a loser of an ex behind to start over in small town Vermont. She’s turning an old grist mill into a literary themed pub where you can sip your libation as you discuss the latest thriller or a classic novel. It’s fall in Shady Creek and everyone is in a festive mood as the Autumn Festival begins. Sadie barely has time to begin enjoying herself before her ex, Eric shows up, looking for another chance. She has no intention of taking him back, but when he’s found dead in her pub, it’s clear someone disliked Eric even more than she did. As random acts of vandalism strike the small town, Sadie and her new friends decide to find the culprit before the peace of Shady Creek is disturbed for good. I enjoyed so many aspects of this book, Sadie’s hutzpah, the beauty of a New England autumn and the book themed pub. So much fun!

Live and Let Pie by Ellie Alexander. Published by St. Martins

How many murders can one chef stumble across? if your Jules Capshaw, the answer is at least one more. The owner of bakery, Torte was planning for some much-needed time away from the business, but the discovery of a skull at a lakeside picnic puts those plans on hold. Still in limbo about her marriage as her husband continues his never-ending ocean going vacation, now she has to also deal with the skull she found and the death of her nasty landlord. Alexander presents a cozy series that is charming without being cloying sweet