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The Devil Aspect by Craig Russell. Published by Doubleday

Posted on: October 12, 2018

Russell’s novel takes a chilling look into the world of mental illness….and what really causes it. It’s the mid 1930’s in Czechoslovakia, a brutal serial killer dubbed the Leather Apron killer is butchering women in Prague as Dr Viktor Kosarek prepares to take up his new post at the most infamous Asylum in Europe. Only six inmates are held in the facility, but they are deemed so dangerous they are kept locked away in a former castle, converted to a mental hospital. As Kosarek interviews his new patient, he notices they all share a commonality that he calls the “devil aspect”. He hopes that by studying them he can learn the root causes of their afflictions. This book scared the hell out of me, at times gruesome, at others, almost poetic, but in the end utterly terrifying. The ending blew me away


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