The Lost Man by Jane Harper. Published by Flatiron

Jane Harper has established herself as an author who isn’t afraid to take her time building her characters and settings, reading one of her books requires thought and time. If you are willing to let her, Harper will sweep you away to the Australian Outback. In this book, on one of the most brutally days of the years, a rancher, one of three brothers, has been found dead far from help without any of the supplies he should have been carrying, supplies that would have saved his life. The death seems inexplicable, the only reasonable answer would be suicide as the departed knew better than to be out in such brutal heat without his kit. The location of his body, near an old stockman’s grave, only gives credence to the suicide theory. But the death is only a small part of this story that dives deep into the workings of a family and the secrets that they hide. A standalone, unlike Harper’s first two novels, this may be her best work yet, and that’s saying something. One of the best books of the year

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