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Martha (Sonny) Creech and her family do not lead a life of luxury. Just the opposite, as they try to make a living on a cotton farm in 1950’s North Carolina. The work is hard and the rewards few, but Sonny loves her family farm. Everything changes when Sonny’s father dies and it would appear the only way they can survive is to sell the cotton crop to a wealthy neighbor.  Frank Fowler has a motive for helping out the Creech family, Sonny can just tell, the way she can tell where water can be found underground. This book is so beautifully written, I could see myself on the farm and Sonny just leaps off the page and into life


Reminiscent of the old Bette Davis movie All About Eve, a woman fears her temporary replacement wants to make the temp assignment permanent. Carrie is a TV producer who needs someone to cover for her during her maternity leave. Enter Emma, a woman who would do anything to have a life like Carrie’s. As Carrie begins to experience random attacks of sabotage and her husband and colleagues pull away, she wonders if her temp is to blame. An old storyline that Frances breathes new life into with well drawn characters and a twist you may not see coming

Tess has never really gotten over the loss of her twin sister Edie. At age 14, Edie simply disappeared. Twenty years on, a body has been found and police are eager to question Tess and her family. Is it possible that someone close to Edie, someone the girl trusted, was her killer? This story peels back in layers to reveal the truth about what really happened to  Edie.  A gripping story that has a couple of surprises

Playing off the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life, Georgia Bailey is just preparing to close her shop for the night when she gets a call from a man who’s preparing to jump from the bridge in town. Georgia keeps him on the line almost all night, not giving up until she’s sure he’s safe. On her way in to work the next day she stops to pick up a coffee at the local coffee shop only to realize the handsome barista is the man she talked off the bridge the night before. For fans of the classic movie or Christmas stories in general. Lots of fun

Lissy has inherited her grandmother’s house on the ocean and decides that Christmas time is the perfect time to move into her new home. When it turns out her good friends have no plans for the holidays, she invites them all to stay at Strand House. It’s a case of the more the merrier, as the good friends gather together for a warm and lovely Christmas by the sea

Feeling adrift,Rachel begins looking into her mothers past. Something isn’t right and the strange friend requests she’s getting are making her more and more nervous. The more she digs into the past the more she begins to remember and wonders if everything she’s ever known is a lie. A thought provoking novel about identity and how we perceive ourselves.

Chloe Daniels wakes up in the hospital with no memory. Not of how she got there, or even what her name is. Her parents and her sister try to fill in the blanks, explaining about her career, her beautiful home and the accident that nearly left Chloe dead. It sounds like Chloe had an almost perfect life. So why does she feel that her family is holding something back? As time progresses, Chloe begins to wonder if she’s forgotten her past for a reason