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Just One Bite by Jack Heath. Published by Hanover Square

Posted on: January 10, 2019

How do you go from FBI consultant to body dumper for the local mob? Sociopath Timothy Blake disappears bodies in exchange for extra cash. Keeping his two lives separate is fairly easy until Blake uncovers a body he wasn’t supposed to. Like any smart guy, he stores the body in his freezer. Imagine his surprise when the FBI calls him back up to investigate the disappearance of a man, who is, you guessed it, in Blake’s freezer.  AS more men disappear, it becomes obvious to Blake that a serial killer is operating in Houston. Working with his FBI contact, Reese Thistle, Blake tries to keep his secrets under wraps, but that becomes more difficult when his crime boss employer starts thinking Blake might spill the beans and would be better dead than alive, and likely to expose his empire. Blake is the ultimate anti-hero and this black comedy will have you laughing even as you wince


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