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Kids will be kids, right? A little breaking and entering isn’t that big a crime. Or at least that’s what Olivia Sharpe tries to tell herself when she discovers her son Raleigh has been breaking into neighbor’s houses, looking at their personal things, looking at their computers, learning all their dirty secrets. Meanwhile, Robert Pierce has reported his wife Amelia has disappeared, but police are suspicious right away. And they should be. From the scary and searing beginning of this book, I was hooked. Lapena is a master at creating intrigue and fear in the most banal of locations


In Victorian England, Mina Scarletti has been invited to Hollow House, the home of Mr. Honeyacre and wife, Kitty, to investigate claims of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night. It’s so bad, that the servants won’t stay on after dark. Along with Dr. Hamid, Mina explores the claims of a ghostly woman in white. A born skeptic, Mina’s main concern is for Kitty, who appears to be sickening in front of her eyes. Readers will find it easy to engage with Mina, an intelligent, feisty heroine

Librarian Carrie Singleton know that her Haunted Library is warm safe place for the local homeless people to gather, and she willingly opens her library to a committee of folks interested in turning a vacant house into a refuge for the homeless. But it soon appears Haven House is not all it professes to be. At the same time, Carrie’s co-worker, Dorothy has taken a bad fall and landed in the hospital. Dorothy tells Carrie that her husband tried to kill her and that he also murdered Aunt Evelyn, the library ghost, years before. Carrie isn’t sure what to think, but then Dorothy is murdered and ghost Evelyn tasks Carrie with finding her killer. Who doesn’t like the idea of a library with a friendly ghost?

Maggie Crozat returns just in time for Cajun Country Live!, a show that promises to highlight the talents of bands and singers. Maggie’s best friend Gaynell with be performing with her band, along with former resident Tammy Barker, now a household name in the music business. Tammy is also a pain in the butt, expecting to get everything she wants when she wants it. And she’s not above sabotaging the competition, including Gaynell’s band. You would expect Gaynell to be offed, but no, it’s a member of her band of worker bees. Maggie decides to go undercover to find the killer, hoping it might be Tammy, but there are lots of suspects to wade through. I like the quirky Southern charm in this cozy series, it’s fun, light and a great distraction from the world’s woes

Emma has hitched a ride with the wrong guy, as she discovers when she ends up handcuffed to Lowell, the creep who picked her up. She manages to get his gun away from him and shoots him, leaving him lying bleeding on a snow-covered road. Taking his VW van, she soon runs out of gas in the parking lot of a gas station/diner. The diner and surrounding town appear empty except for a little boy, Earl, who wears a mask made of tinfoil. A boy smart enough to get her gun away from her and convince her to help him get rid of someone named George. I started this book with high hopes and initially really liked it, but the encounters with Earl became so strange and meta, that I lost interest

Emily and Ben have just moved and they can’t wait to meet their new neighbors. Anita and her husband, Dr. Burman seem less eager to get acquainted. Anita almost never leaves the house and doesn’t even want to pick up the phone. Emily refuses to give up on Anita and keeps trying to reach out to the woman, but a few weeks later, Emily disappears. She’s left a note for Ben, saying she’s fallen in love with another man, but he doesn’t believe it. Ben believes Emily’s disappearance has everything to do with her interest in their new neighbors. This book creeped me out, I’ve had some super weird neighbors myself in the past, so this story was all too real for me

You may want to read the author’s other books, Lie to me and Tear me apart before venturing into this one. Everyone wants to be friends with Ash Carlisle. The beautiful British girl has transferred to The Goode School, a prep school for the wealthiest of the wealthy and she’s uber popular. But there appears to be a price for that friendship, as students closest to her die. Dying to be popular just took on another meaning at The Goode School