Fatal Cajun Festival by Ellen Byron. Published by Crooked Lane

Maggie Crozat returns just in time for Cajun Country Live!, a show that promises to highlight the talents of bands and singers. Maggie’s best friend Gaynell with be performing with her band, along with former resident Tammy Barker, now a household name in the music business. Tammy is also a pain in the butt, expecting to get everything she wants when she wants it. And she’s not above sabotaging the competition, including Gaynell’s band. You would expect Gaynell to be offed, but no, it’s a member of her band of worker bees. Maggie decides to go undercover to find the killer, hoping it might be Tammy, but there are lots of suspects to wade through. I like the quirky Southern charm in this cozy series, it’s fun, light and a great distraction from the world’s woes

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