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How well do you know the person you sleep next to every night? Chloe thinks Dan is her perfect match, they had a beautiful wedding and now they are enjoying a honeymoon on a lush island far away from everyone and everything. And while Chloe would like their time in paradise to last a little longer, Dan is determined that it won’t end – ever. As my mother used to say – marry in haste, repent in leisure


After a trauma so severe that she stopped speaking as a young teen, Jenny has taken refuge in music. A concert violinist, she moves into a decrepit old home owned by the enigmatic Bridget, who has opened her home to young, aspiring artists and musicians. With Jenny’s past still very much a part of her present, the demons of another young artists named Jonah, and the history of the old home coming to light thanks to Bridget’s research, something dark begins to surface in the house and its residents. A creepy tale of psychological torment and addiction

DS Imogen Grey and partner DS Adrian Miles are investigating the murder of a university professor, a man who on the surface at least, has led a squeaky clean life. His students can’t (or won’t) provide any insight, but there’s mush at stake, as the killer has only just begun his grisly work

Author Zoe Zola has been invited to an Agatha Christie conference in an old hunting lodge in the woods. When Zoe arrives at the lodge, she discovers that she and the nine other participants all bear some resemblance to a Christie character. While they all like Christie, they differ in their opinions about her methodology and the morning after a particularly heated discussion, one of the guests is dead. If you are a Christie fan yourself, you’ll find this an enjoyable, traditional cozy mystery

If you want to read a story that will transport you out of your own life and make you want to be a better person, look no further. In the late 1930’s the Nazi propaganda machine is firing up. In Vienna the mother of Zofie-Helene, a Christian woman is countering that with a newspaper of her own, one that calls out the Nazis for their despicable behavior and dangerous ideology. Zofie-Helene’s best friend, Stephan is a Jew and when the Nazis take control of Venice, their very lives are on the line. Enter Truus Wijsmuller, a Dutch resistance fighter who smuggles Jewish children out of Nazi controlled areas, a woman who will take on some of the most depraved and evil men in Hitler’s arsenal to save young people like Stephan and Zophie-Helene.

Rachel has one goal in mind – to finish her Harvard law degree and join her husband, Jack, a very successful criminal defense attorney in his practice as a full partner. But hose plans are in jeopardy when Rachel takes an internship working for the criminal prosecutor her husband considers his arch enemy. Ryan’s books are so good because of her knowledge of the law and her ability to create characters so real, readers will form immediate alliances with them. Another great book from a master of the genre

Sisters Julia and Ginny have been estranged for years, but it takes the collapse of her career and her love life to send Julia running back to her sister. Ginny doesn’t have time for her sister’s drama, she’s up to her elbows running a secret supper club in Arizona. Still, she can’t say no to family and decides she’ll put her sister to work in her dining enterprise. Working in such close quarters would be difficult for sisters on the best of terms. for these two, the constant pressures of running the supper club open up a lot of old wounds. Can they get over the past and find a way to bridge the past? Anyone who has a sibling will be able to relate to this story. Have your tissues ready