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Being a woman in the late 19th century was no cake walk. Dr. Sara Savard and her friend and cousin Anna, also a doctor, use their medical prowess to work with the women that are part of society’s underbelly; the prostitutes, the runaways and unwed mothers. Then Anna’s husband, a detective calls in the doctors for their medical expertise. A woman has been murdered in a most gruesome way, and another has disappeared. It would seem that some of the men in New York are more than little put out that women are gaining more and more freedom, and at least one of them is inclined to show his displeasure by killing them. I loved this book and all the characters, the women are strong, smart and savvy, but I can’t help but feel saddened, it doesn’t seem that equality for women has come very far in the last 150 years


Tsunami. The word conjures up images of devastation on tropical beaches on the other side of the world. But in this story, the tsunami is headed for Cornwall, and there won’t be enough time for everyone to escape. What would you do? One woman decides to meet her fate head on, and invites others to join her on her favorite beach to face whatever comes. When a small group of people join her, they take solace in each other and in baring their souls of the secrets they have carried around so long. This book made me do some soul searching. What would I do if I knew death was inevitable? Who would I want to be with and what would I say. A profound and provocative book at life and death

Staubach takes a series of short essays on gardening terminology and turns them into a wonderland. Each essay is accompanied by some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen in any book. Gorgeous watercolors transport readers into the garden of their dreams in this highly recommended book

Paul Czarcik is a veteran detective with the Illinois Bureau of Enforcement, he’s a man you don’t want to mess with; and if you’re a bad guy, he will find you. But his latest case is proving to be a very difficult one to crack. The double murder appears to have links to a Texas judge, and a Chicago serial killer who’s thoroughly enjoying his work, What follows is a game of cat and mouse with the detective and a disturbed killer, who leads Czarcik on a chase across the country. Czarcik leaves behind his badge (and his better judgement) to catch a monster. Be prepared for some real surprises in this highly addictive thriller

Drew Baker left her abusive husband for the sake of her son, Drew. Now after nine years on the run, Drew wants to put the past behind her, to settle down and create a normal life for her now 10 year old son. But to do that, she will need proof of what what kind of a monster her ex is. The problem is, exposing her husband, may also mean exposing herself and her own crimes. Crimes that may tear her son away from her for good. Drew is a heroine who has been beaten, but now bowed, and readers will be cheering for her to uncover the truth that will ultimately save herself and her son

This incredible book is taking the world by storm, and for good reason. Young and Pak Yoo are treating people who have a variety of medical issues with a device they call the Miracle Submarine, in reality a pressurized oxygen tank. Members of the mental health community, in particular are hoping this may be a cure for autism. But all hell breaks loose, literally, when the chamber explodes, killing two people. The cause of the explosion is unknown, but there are suspects, from Young and Pak themselves, to the mother of an autistic child that was receiving treatment from the Yoos. There is a spectacular trial, one that lays bare ugly truths about caring for an autistic family member, affairs, money and sheer desperation. Above all, this is a book about truth, and the many versions it can take, depending on whom you ask

Carrie Santero learned about what makes a killer tick in a trial by fire. Her mentor, Jacob Rein, is a man with the unique “gift” of getting inside the minds of the worst, most sadistic killers in the country and Carrie has learned well. Now a detective, Carrie is looking into long forgotten disappearance that ended in murder and suicide. Rein, though has never forgotten the case, he’s been looking for answers for thirty years. But the answers when they come, will be devastating. Schaffer was a cop, and it shows in his work. He knows the lingo, the procedures and how bureaucracy works. He also knows the anger, fear, boredom and desperation every cop has to deal with. An outstanding read that should make the author a well known name