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When a wife is killed, everyone knows the husband did it, and if the guy has two dead wives…..well, it’s pretty obvious who the killer is, right? Matt and Marie were on a hike in the mountains when she tragically fell off a cliff. The cops aren’t buying it, and when they learn he was suspected of killing his first wife, Janice, they’re sure Marie’s fall was no accident. Or was it? Is he lying? Is she lying? Are they lying? Just when you think you have this twisted plot unraveled you’ll discover you’re wrong. One of the best, most unexpected and spectacularly twisted books I’ve ever read. And it’s also given me my new favorite saying. Marriage, Stockholm syndrome? Tomayto, tomahto.


Our natural world is in jeopardy. From overcrowding, to use of pesticides to climate change, our natural world is tottering on a precipice. What can we do? Start by reading this book and learn about all the amazing areas of bio diversity that exist in the United Kingdom. From wetlands to coastlands to moors, woodlands and even urban areas, there millions of types of creatures trying to survive. Learning about them and realizing how precious they are is the first step in protecting them for our children and our children’s children. This is no dry dissertation, the author visit each of these areas in her book and brings it and its inhabitants to vivid and beautiful life. A book to read and savor as well as a call to action

This book is a joyful celebration of all creatures great and small that Wildlife Jim and counters every day in the Peak District. Deer, horses, lambs, owls and foxes are just some of the animals showcased here. You may not be able to travel to the Moore’s of England, but this beautiful book of photographs is as close as you can get without actually being there. A pure delight

You say you would like to attract more butterflies to your garden? How about honeybees, frogs or if you’re really lucky, a hedgehog. Bradbury shows readers how to turn their backyards into havens for wildfire, from creating areas for them to eat, drink and shelter to what types of plants to grow. Find out what foxes like to eat, and birds, and frogs and ladybugs and all manner of wildlife. Needless to say pesticides are strictly forbidden, but you can learn what insects will help rid you of bothersome mini beasts and how to use natural repellents. A must have for the gardener and wildlife lover alike

We’ve all heard stories of wise women, or hedge witches, women who used their knowledge of the natural world to cure ills, fevers and aches and pains centuries ago. Many times these women were venerated, but they were also vilified, many sentenced to death for their ability to heal. In the 9th century, an English bishop by the name of AElfheah was collecting many of these cures or remedies. He risked a great deal to record this information, but today, scientists have discovered many of those ancient remedies have real value, including one that seems to defeat MRSA, a superbug that modern drugs cannot stop. While some of the cures listed here won’t do much more than make you nauseous (consuming sheep poop), others have proven to be effective in treating illnesses even today. A fascinating history of early medicine and magic and one I wish I could have known about before my father died from a MRSA infection

Kelly is panic stricken when her infant disappears when she turns away for a moment. The baby is found safe and sound in her stroller, but with the baby is a locket. One that Kelly has seen since her sister Freya died. This book is incredibly suspenseful and kept me guessing until almost the very last page

It’s been 25 years since Vinca Rockwell supposedly ran away with her philosophy professor and vanished forever. Now her best friends, Manon, Maxime and Thomas are together again, worried about the demolition of their old gymnasium, where they had buried a body. At their class reunion, lies begin to unravel as the truth about what really happened that long ago sbowy night begin to surface