Death at High Tide by Hannah Dennison. Published by St. Martins

An isolate hotel on one of the Isles of Scilly is the setting for this twisty mystery. Evie Mead is mourning the loss of her husband when she comes across paperwork that states she may own an old hotel on Tregarrick Rock. While Evie is still overcome with grief, her sister, Margot, books them both a flight to Tregarrick, thinking that both sisters are in for a spa weekend. Sadly the old hotel has lost most of its shine and glamour from the days when it was a hangout for mystery novelists. The man who claims to own the hotel says he’s never heard of Evie’s husband, even after Evie finds pictures of the two men together. Then there is a murder at the hotel, and then another. The sisters are stuck on the island until the tide turns and who knows what will happen in the mean time. The setting for this book and the peripheral weird characters make this story shine. And the old “stranded on an island with an unknown killer plot”, is as exciting as ever

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