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Blind Side by Jennie Ensor. Published by Unbound

She knew it was a mistake almost as soon as it happened. Georgie made the mistake of falling into bed with her longtime friend Julian. It was just one night and Georgie has no interest in pursuing more than their friendship, but Julian has other ideas. He becomes obsessively jealous of Georgie and she starts to be afraid of him. It’s around this time that she meets Russian Nikolai and begins to fall in love. Obviously, somethings got to give, but readers may be surprised at just what that is. Creepy and intense, a woman’s worst nightmare


A Murder of Crows by Ian Skewis. Published by Unbound

It’s DC Jack Russell’s last case before he retires, and it’s a doozy. A couple has disappeared from the forest in a small Scottish town and at first Russell and the mouthy DC assisting him think it’s a routine case that will be wrapped up quickly, but nothing could be further from the truth. As Russell will soon learn, there is a killer loose, one who has an agenda and will not be stopped until he completes it. I liked the way Skewis developed his characters, their little quirks and flaws made them more relatable

A Death of No Importance by Mariah Fredericks. Published by St. Martins

In early twentieth century New York, money is important, but good breeding is even more important. Lady’s maid Jane Prescott has worked for some of the city’s most influential and pedigreed citizens. Her new job with the Benchley’s is slightly different. The Benchley’s are “new money” and don’t understand the rules of polite society. They manage to ostracize themselves without even trying. Their daughter, Charlotte’s engagement to a notorious philanderer, Norrie, further shocks their neighbors. Things get worse for the Benchley family when Norrie is found murdered, and this is where Jane comes in. As a servant, she has been trained to be unobtrusive, as a woman, she intelligent and savvy, and she sets out to solve the murder. I really enjoyed this book, the rules of the wealthy and influential have changed over the last one hundred years, but there are still rules, and I liked seeing a woman with intelligence and determination work around those rules

Death by Dumping by Vivien Chien. Published by St. Martins

Sometimes you can go home again, even if you don’t really want to. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. Lana didn’t think she had anyplace else to go after her love life and her career went up in flames, that’s the only reason she’s back waiting tables at her family’s restaurant, the Ho-Lee Noodle House.  She’s annoyed at her mother’s attempt to find her a husband, but it’s not long before everyone’s attention is focused on Mr. Feng, dead after a delivery of shrimp dumplings from the restaurant. Everyone at the Noodle House knew about Feng’s shellfish allergy, so a mistake seems unlikely. Is it possible that Feng was murdered? The police certainly seem to think so, and everyone at the Noodle House is under suspicion. It’s up to Lana to find the real culprit and save her family and their business. The first in a new series, this is a delightfully quirky read with an eccentric but lovable cast of characters

What You Want To See by Kristen Lepionka. Published by St. Martins

PI Roxanne Weary appears in this follow up to The Last Place You Look. Roxanne has been hired by a man who believes his fiancée has been cheating on him, but before Roxanne can prove anything one way or the other, the woman, Marin, is murdered in what appears to be a random mugging. Of course the police suspect her fiance, but Roxanne has her doubts and discovers that Marin was not as lily white as she appeared. Her secrets included a criminal past, an adult son fresh out of jail, and two earlier marriages. And Marin was involved with some very shady business dealings that pissed off a lot of people. It’s turns out there’s no end of people who could have wanted her dead. Now, Roxanne just has to find the one who actually did kill her. This is such a great series, Roxanne is smart, savvy and nobody’s fool. I may just write her in on the ballot when I vote for my next government official

Dreams of Falling by Karen White. Published by Berkley

The disappearance of her mother is the only thing that would bring Larkin back home to Georgetown, South Carolina. When her mother is finally found in the ruins of her family’s rice plantation, no one can explain what she was doing there and why. Injured and unconscious, Ivy can’t answer Larkin’s questions, so Larkin knows she will have to find the answers herself, as she digs into her family’s past. Holding a book by Karen White is like holding treasure, she’s truly the gold standard in Southern women’s fiction with compelling characters and locations so real and vivid, you’ll swear you can smell the pluff mud

The Little Book of Lagom by Jonny Jackson. Published by Andrews McNeel

Hot on the heels of hygge comes lagom, a Swedish way of living that promotes balance, restraint and frugality. All in all it sounds as much fun as visiting the dentist, but have no fear! Jackson presents ideas to live in the moment, while saving money and being judicious about how you live. While maybe not as indulgent as hygge, Jackson makes lagom sound like  fun and within the reach of even the most slovenly and lazy amongst us.