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There’s something about the British Raj that captivates me, and I know I’m not alone. In this story, young Sara Archer is fairly confident her life in India as the wife of a British official will be safe and simple.She never expects to fall in love with someone else, a person entirely unsuitable to her as both a married woman and an English one at that. With her “perfect” husband revealing himself to be anything but, Sara finds herself drawn into the embrace of Ravi Sabran, as she risks everything for love. I wanted to wallow in this book, with its descriptions of the beauty and brutality of India. Find a spot in the sun, open this book and be transported through time and space. But you may not want to come back!


Deidre Weston has left her career in London behind to return to Ireland to grieve the death of her mother. Crippled by her pain and painful memories, Dedre finds solace in researching the life of 5th century handmaiden Deara. Drawing parallels between her on life and times with Deara’s, Deidre finds solace and comfort from a woman who lived and died more than a millennia before. The sights, sounds and often brutal Irish history take center stage in this amazing story

Marissa has a serious case of empty nest syndrome, with her twin daughters out on their own, she finds little in life that interests her. It seems like fate when Jodi, a young pregnant woman shows up on Marissa’a doorstep and the lonely mother invites her in, eager to have someone to take care of. But Jodi wants more than a substitute mother and soon her presence will open up a hornets nest of nasty secrets that Marissa and her daughters have been keeping from each other. Twisted and treacherous.

Lucy has always felt like a pariah. Ever since she was a toddler, she and her mother have been on the run, never staying in any one place for long. Now, her mother has settled in the wilds of New Hampshire where they share a home with a man and his daughter, Gretchen. Finally, Lucy has someone her own age to talk to, share secrets and laugh with. But it soon becomes obvious that Lucy’s new home is anything but the safe haven she and her mother thought it was. Kids and teenagers make some of the creepiest of villains, maybe because we expect them to be so innocent. Kirk’s book will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand right up

It’s been ten years since Tyler Washington, son of Twin Rivers’ mayor was found murdered. Ten years since Olivia Hall’s twin Ethan was arrested and convicted of the killing. With a true crime podcast featuring the murder, Olivia is sure that her brother will finally be cleared. But of course the real killer will do anything to keep their deadly secret quiet. The rise is true crime podcasts is a great backstory for this novel and allows the crime to be solved in a uniquely modern way

Like most of us, the author was peripherally aware that something terrible was happening to honeybees in North America. And like most of us, her first thought was about the impact to humans. But as she began to research bees and interview the people that study and raise them, she became aware that bees are like our canaries in a mine. When they die, the impact is catastrophic, and not just to humans, but to the entire planet. Readers will learn not just about honeybees (and how terribly we exploit them), but also bumblebees and the myriad other types of bees that do not live in colonies. This book will resound with anyone concerned about the future of our planet and might even convince a few skeptics that our time to right the environmental apple cart is fast running out

The body of a young woman found in the river near Amber’s home threatens her happiness and peace of mind. The former happy go lucky Amber is suddenly filled with dread. She gets debilitating headaches and her relationship with her husband begins to crumble when she suspects he’s keeping something from her. There are blank spaces in Amber’s memory and she believes retrieving those memories is the key to finding out what’s happening to her. Some readers may guess what’s happening, but the suspense in this book is keenly felt