The Darling Dead by Graham Smith. Published by Bookouture

Detective Beth Young has a mind made for solving puzzles, it’s what makes her such a good investigator, so when a bodies start turning up in derelict, once grand estate and castles in the Lake District, she’s sure she can track down the killer. While it sounds like the murderer may be a disgruntled member of the National Trust, Beth and Beth alone has the particular skill set required to catch this devious killer. I loved reading about all the magnificent crumbling old piles, they are the perfect setting for murder


Call Me Evie by JP Pomare. Published by Putnam

Is he her protector, or her captor? Kate Bennet has been held in a cabin in a remote town. Bill, the man who is keeping her there insists he’s keeping her safe, that she can’t go home to Melbourne because of the terrible thing she did. He also insists on calling her Evie. Kate has no memory of the event Bill is talking about, but he insists he’s doing this for her own good. As Kate’s memories begin to slowly surface, she’s frighteningly aware that her memories don’t match the stories Bill has been telling her. Is her mind protecting her from some terrible crime she’s committed, or is Bill lying to her? This is one of the most intense and heart pounding stories I’ve read this year. Bill gets my vote for creepiest character in a thriller

The Cliff House by RaeAnne Thayne. Published by Harlequin

Stella Davenport put her own life on hold when she took in her two orphaned nieces; her dreams of marriage and motherhood seemingly over. Now the girls are adults, Daisy is cautious and determined not to make the same fatal mistakes her mother did. Beatriz dropped out of high school, had a child and got divorced, all by age twenty. Three women linked by blood and a shared history try to find a way to create a future they can all be part of.  This is ultimately, a story of sacrifice and putting your own dreams on hold for those you love

The Little Book Cafe by Georgia Hill. Published by Harper Impulse

This novella is one of three stories that center around The Little Book Cafe. In this story, store manager, Amy takes center stage. Halloween is approaching and Amy is getting in the spirit, decorating the shop, setting up scary story read-alouds and carving pumpkins. Along the way she deals with her truly awful mother and her handsome Irish boyfriend. This is quick, sweet read that will charm book lovers

The Beautiful Strangers by Camille Di Maio. Published by Lake Union

It’s 1958 and Kate Morgan wants out of her stultifying life in San Francisco and her escape comes in the form of a plea from her grandfather. Sent to the glamorous and stories Hotel del Coronado, Kate is tasked with finding the “beautiful stranger” for her grandfather. When Kate is offered a job at the hotel, famous for its role in the Marilyn Monroe movie Some Like it Hot, she’s thrilled. But the glamorous hotel has plenty of tragic secrets, including the death of a guest sixty years before. A guest that is said to have never checked out. This is such a fun story, capturing the elegance, romance and tragedy of the Del and incorporating its most famous haunting

Dancing With the Sun by Kay Bratt. Published by Lake Union

It was supposed to be a wonderful reunion of mother and daughter at Yosemite National Park, but it turns into a nightmare. Sadie Harlan is visiting her daughter, Lauren, who’s working at the venerable park when the two decide to take a quick day hike. Instead of catching up, they find themselves battling nature. Looking for water and food and fighting off weather and predators, the women must find a way to survive. Complicating matters is Sadie’s trouble past and her inability to move forward after a tragedy, something she will clearly have to do now if she and her daughter are to make it home alive.  It’s nice to read a story about women fighting against nature instead of a predatory stalker or serial killer, and the setting is amazing

The Fifth Doctrine by Karen Robards. Published by Mira

Bianca St. Ives is going down for all the havoc she’s wreaked…or so she thinks. She can walk free, IF, she’s willing to risk her life for one last mission. It’s a daunting prospect, but Bianca wants nothing more than to return to her old life in Savannah. Bianca will have to go undercover as a snitch to feed false information to authorities in North Korea. If she’s caught, she will surely be tortured and then killed, if she gets away with it, she may just make the world a safer place while gaining back her own life. I am not  a fan of espionage, only a writer as talented as Robards could get me so involved in a genre I normally dislike