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How did no one hear a young female student being murdered in her apartment? The crime is disturbingly familiar to one that occurred 15 years earlier, DI Joe Jackson had his suspicions at the time but they came to naught after Jackson himself was revealed to be killer. Now his former protege, police officer Naomi Blake takes a second look at the case Joe was building, a case that involved deaths going back more than twenty years. But is she right to trust a man she believes is capable of the the worst crime a human being can commit? A fascinating and thought provoking mystery where no one and nothing is as it seems


A police officer and a journalist are working together in an uneasy alliance to catch a killer who likes the fame his crimes are affording him. People can “follow” him online as the hashtag killer. What does this have to do with the unspeakable act that two young girls committed almost a decade before? Gritty and intense

In the first book of a new series, we find detective Stephen Greco beginning a new job with Oldston CID. He and his team are tasked with tracking down a vicious killer who mutilates his victims. Conventional wisdom points to a local drug dealer, but Greco doesn’t like him for the murders. And Greco’s biggest job may be reigning in his team of detectives who seem hell bent on doing things their own way. Can he get his team under control and prevent another murder? This is a gritty crimes story that feels all too real. I like Greco and look forward to reading his next story