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The Postcard by Lily Rose Graham. Published by Starfell

In the five years since her mother died, Ivy has tried hard to move on, but she still misses her mother desperately. When she and her husband move to Cornwall, Ivy hopes this will be a chance to start over. She is given her mother’s old writing desk and finds a postcard in it. It’s addressed to her in her mother’s handwriting, but there is no message on it. When things begin to disappear from Ivy’s studio, only to turn up inside her mother’s desk, Ivy realizes her mother is trying to tell her something. This book is so beautifully written and full of so much love, it had me crying like a baby. My own mom is 91 and created a magical, wonderful childhood for me with little or no money, so this story really resonated with me. Buy a copy of this gorgeous book for everyone you love – especially your mother