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Summit Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains is an area filled with lovely homes and people who have it all. Or at least it was until law student Becca Eckersley was found dead there. The police are left with no leads. Becca led a quiet life as an ambitious law student and the daughter of a powerful attorney. When reporter Kelsey Castle is assigned to do a story on the case, she’s not expecting to turn up much, but to her surprise, there’s a lot more about Becca and this case than meets the eye. The manner in which Becca was killed leads Kelsey to believe the killer was someone Becca knew, and the fact that there are people doing everything they can to keep the murder quiet sets off alarm bells. Kelsey is warned to back off, but she’s become obsessed with solving the crime, even though it may lead to her own death. This was an incredible mystery with a beautiful setting, a gutsy heroine and more than a few twists to keep me on the edge of my seat


Probation officer Cate Austin is facing one of the most difficult cases of her career. Alice Mariani stands accused of murder. Alice insists that she did not kill anyone, merely assisted a friend commit suicide when he could no longer go on with his life. While on the surface, that seems as if it may be a plausible defense, the manner in which the victim was killed was so unpleasant that seasoned crime officers were ill at the scene. Now Kate must review the facts of the case and recommend a sentence.

A nail biting thriller that is not for the faint of heart. Dugdall paints a believable and very likeable character in Kate, who is clearly conflicted about the case, and portrays Alice as an enigma; leaving readers to make up their own minds. Excellent