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A Song for the Brokenhearted by William Shaw. Published by Mullholland

DS Cathal Breen is recovering from his on the job injury at the family farm of his former partner, Helen Tozer. Helen is still smarting from having to give up her career at New Scotland Yard to have to take care of her family. While Breen recovers, he and Helen look into the case of her murdered sister, Alexandra, The teen was killed when she was 16, but there were never any arrests. At the time, police were interested in James Fletchet, as he and Alexandra were romantically involved, but Fletchet’s connections ensure he was never charged. Now, Helen and Breen want the case reopened and Fletchet is their number one suspect, but they get stonewalled by their own department, so the two set out on their own to make sure Fletchet pays. Set in the late 1960’s this story is a good reminder that the “good old days” weren’t that good. Helen’s career is downplayed and dismissed because she’s a woman and Breen discovers first hand how someone who looks like a hippie is treated when he goes undercover.