Watching You by Stephen Edgar. Published by Bookouture

Detective Kate Matthews has been transferred after the death of her police partner. She’s immediately thrown to the wolves when a body is found in a warehouse by the docks. Kate is bound and determined to get her feet back under her and put away the killer, but even as she stalks a murderer, she, herself is being shadowed. Breaking into her home, terrorizing her and threatening the life of a child if she tries to solve the case. The killer is on a rampage, leaving a trail of bodies with macabre clues that Kate must solve if she is to stop the killing. Intense and creepy

Her Last Day by T.R. Ragan. Published by Thomas & Mercer

Ragan begins a new series featuring PI Jessie Cole and investigative reporter Ben Morrison. The two are united by a tragedy that literally destroyed their worlds a decade earlier. Jessie, who finds missing persons for a living, has never forgiven herself for not being able to find her own sister, Sophie. Ben was in a terrible auto accident that nearly took his life and his sanity, and that did cost his a good part of his memory. Strangely, the one thing he remembers is Sophie, but where and how she fir in his life, he can’t remember. Now, a dormant serial killer has risen from under the rocks where he’s been hiding and he has a very specific target in mind. Ragan creates the best heroines – believable, strong and take no prisoners, kick ass women

The Big Little Festival by Kellie Hailes. Published by HarperCollins UK

Rabbit’s Leap is preparing to hold its first annual festival to help raise money to rebuild the village swimming pool. Everyone is excited, but Jody McArthur is worried, The residents of her village stepped up to help her when she became pregnant with twins and now she desperately wants to repay their kindness by getting that pool restored. Just to be sure nothing can go wrong, Joy brings in a London events manager, Christian Middlemore. She’s sure he can make the fete a success. What she didn’t plan on was the instant attraction between herself and the events planner. She’s a busy single mum who has no time for romance…or does she? Once more the residents of rabbits Leap step in to make sure Jody finds her happily ever after. A summer feel good story perfect for the beach

Keep Me Safe by Daniela Sacerdoti. Published by Headline

Anna might be hurt when her partner up and leaves, but her daughter Ava is destroyed and refuses to speak for three days. And when she does start talking, it’s about going back to her other mother, on Seal Island. What on earth is Ava talking about?  All of a sudden, the little girl seems to have memories of another life. Anna knows she will have no rest until she, and Ava discover the truth, and that means a trip to Seal Island. But what will they discover there? And will the answers they find destroy the little family, or give them a new chance to be happy? A supernatural tale with a touch of romance that I really enjoyed

Unholy City by Carrie Smith. Published by Crooked Lane

Churchwarden Philip Graves’s body has been found in the herb garden of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan and while it seems at first to be a random killing, it soon proves to be anything but. Detectives Claire Cordella nd Brian Haggerty may not always see eye to eye, but they are willing to overlook their differences to solve this murder. With a number of homeless men sleeping in the church basement and a number of church elders who might benefit from Graves’s death, there’s no lack of suspects. Cordella, Haggerty and fellow detective Eduardo Munoz dig in to find the killer. Smith’s book is full of such vividly described people and places that you can feel the tenseness of the atmosphere and the melancholy beauty of the old church

Death Overdue by Brook Allison. Published by Crooked Lane

Carrie Singleton is excited to take on her first big event after becoming the head of programming at Clover Ridge’s  haunted library (it has a ghost!). Carrie invites retired detective Al Buckley to speak. Buckley believes he know who killed library assistant Laura Foster, fifteen years ago. During his talk, he fall down dead, but this was no heart attack. The detective had been poisoned. Carrie feels responsible for the man’s death. She believes the same person who killed Laura killed Al, to keep him quiet. Determined to find the killer and get justice for both Laura and Al, sets out to unmask the killer. Even her own friendly, resident library ghost may be able to keep Carrie safe. I got such a kick out of this story! As a librarian who is constantly asked if my own library is haunted (sadly, the answer is no), I loved Carrie and her library ghost

Heaven’s Crooked Finger by Hank Early. Published by Crooked Lane

Earl Marcus has left his father R.J.’s tyrannical church and his Georgia hometown far behind and he’s content to stay far away. The a photo arrives at Earl’s house, a photo of his father, taken long after the man was supposedly dead. Earl goes back to the Church of the Holy Flame to get the truth, only to have his father’s followers’ tell Earl that his father has risen from the dead. The disappearance of local teenage girls is ignored. The girls later reappear, with strange tattoos on them. Does all this have anything to do with the well that lies on one of the mountains in the region? A well said to contain otherworldy power. Earl wants nothing more than to leave tis cursed place behind him, but he knows he will never rest until he learns the truth about his father, no matter how ugly it may be. This book made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Is there anything scarier than a group of backwoods bible thumpers willing to take the law into their own hands in “god’s name”?