A Hive of Homicides by Meera Lester. Published by Kensington 

Abigail MacKenzie hasn’t regretted leaving her career in law enforcement to become a farmer and beekeeper at all. She’s helping good friend Paola set up a fab party for Paola to renew her wedding vows with husband, Jack. The ceremony goes off without a hitch, but afterward, Abby finds Jack shot dead in his car and Paola, wounded, but alive. Why would someone want the couple dead? Jack was known to have a wandering eye and could have ticked off the wrong person. But why would someone want to kill Paola? And will they try to finish the job? I like this series a lot, love the beekeeping lore and recipes 

Before it’s Too Late by Sara Driscoll. Published by Kensington 

Somewhere, a woman has been buried alive. She has a chance to survive, but only if the FBI can unravel the elaborate puzzle the killer has sent them. While the best agents work the puzzle, agent Meg Jennings and her K9 Hawk prepare to do the physical search. And they’re close, but not close enough, and the woman is dead by the time they find her. The killer is just getting started, and takes more and more victims, and the FBI keeps failing. Finally, Meg can’t take it any more and calls in her sister, a genius at puzzles, to try to beat the killer and save lives. But she’s breached Company policy and is risking her career…..and maybe her life. A chilling read that will have you turning the pages quickly 

Turkey Trot by Leslie Meier. Published by Kensington 

Thanksgiving in approaching in Tinkers Cove, Maine and that means it’s time for the Turkey Trot 5K, but when Lucy Stone finds poor Alison Franklin dead in a frozen pond,  all thoughts of a happy holiday dissipate. Alison has struggled with a drug problem, and police believe her death is due to an overdose. At the funeral, Lucy observes Alison’s father and his much younger wife, who is heavily pregnant. Which rumors are true? The one that says that the new wife loved her stepdaughter? Or the one that says she pushed Alison out of the family? I always enjoy visiting with Lucy and her quirky family. A good, solid cozy mystery 

Iced In by Chris Turney. Published by Kensington 

Turney, an earth scientist was among a team of 71 people aboard the ship Shokalskiy studying the Antarctic when the ship got trapped in sea ice. With the hull crushed and no way to steer, there is every chance the ship will be struck by an iceberg, injuring or killing the passengers. If they abandon ship, the resulting disaster could cause an environmental disaster. Turney can’t help compare his situation with that of Ernest Shackleton and muses on their similarities and differences. A fascinating and compelling story 

The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz. Published by Bantam

FBI agent Jane Hawk returns in this thriller that has legions of seemingly normal, well adjusted people committing suicide, her husband among them. Determined to find out why her husband and so many others are dead. Secreting her child away, she goes after the people determined to benefit from the death of others. I have been reading Koontz for years, and some of the scenes from his earlier books still creep me out in the middle of the night. That’s the power of this guy, he knows what scares you and he’s not afraid to use it

Charlatan by Robin Cook. Published by Putnam

Life is always frantic for new chief resident Noah Rothauser of  Boston Memorial Hospital, but it’s exciting too. The hospital is   on the cutting edge of technological innovation, but things go terribly wrong when a healthy man dies on the operating table. Noah is inclined to believe that cocksure surgeon William Mason is to blame but Mason is quick to blame Dr Ava London, who assisted him. When more patients die at the hospital, Noah has to question every member of his staff. He’s shocked to learn that Ava is not at all what he believed and he’s left wondering which doctor to believe. Robin Cook is the father of the modern medical thriller and he proves here he’s still at the top of his game 

Rubies in the Roses by Vivian Conroy. Published by HQ

In the second book in the series, Guinevere and her dachshund, Dolly return to the coast of Cornwall where she is working cataloging books in a castle on an island. It seems pretty straightforward until someone shows up at the castle insisting that a valuable goblet is buried somewhere in the castle grounds. And there are plenty of people around who claim the pricey piece belongs to them and then a body is found on the beach. Is there any truth to the claim the goblet is on the castle grounds? Does it even exist at all? Guinevere and Dolly are on the case. With its beautiful setting and quirky characters, this is a book sure to charm readers