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Omens of Death by Nichaolas Rhea. Published by Endeavour

DI Montague Pluke is a very superstitious man and seeing a crow on someone’s rooftop is a portent of death – everybody knows that. So he makes note when he sees the offending crow on the rooftop of Cyril and May Crowther’s home. Life in the village of Crickledale is relatively peaceful, there’s not a lot of “real” police work to do, and if Montague is honest with himself, he’d really like the chance to take down a killer or two before he retires. Photographer Stephen Winton is out taking photos of the local stone circle when he finds the nude body of a dead woman. The circle is rumored to be the site of devil worship, witchcraft and worse. Now Montague has his murder and he sets out collecting clues, the evidence points to the fact that the girl was killed elsewhere and her body then dumped in the stone circle. Remembering the solitary crow he saw, Monatgue decides to make a call on Cyril and May Crowther. Montague is a delightful anti-hero, sort of like a British Columbo. Loved this book


Genesis by Paul Antony Jones. Published by 47North

In the fourth book of the Extinction Point series, the earth has been decimated by the aliens who have begun to colonize it. Emily Baxter’s first concern is her son Adam, but the child had eyes that are speckled with red. He is the first posthuman child born after the apocalypse. With Emily’s husband off on a scouting trip, there is no one to defend her when she’s accused of a heinous crime. The only way to prove her innocence is out there in the world that is no longer hers, or any humans. She sets off her her stepdaughter and faithful dog, to prove her innocence and reclaim her humanity. This series has been a totally different take on the popular post-apocalyptic fiction so popular. I was always terribly worried about Thor (the dog) being injured or killed.