Summer at Coastguard Cottages. Published by HQ

Three different people travel to Coastguard Cottages on the coast of Devonshire for a summer that will change their lives. Karen is hoping a summer in her cottage will help her move past her divorce. Carrie is newly wealthy after getting an inheritance from a father she never knew. Bruce isn’t sure if he should keep the summer cottage he owned with his wife. Now that she has passed away, he’s sure the cottage will only make him even sadder. All three will be surprised at what happens over the summer in this delightful summer story 

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden. Published by BallantineĀ 

This is a book I have been waiting for with baited breath. The first book, The Bear and the Nightingale, swept be back to old Russia, and a world of magic, demons and the danger of turning your back on the old ways. Now, Vasya is on her own after the death of her father. In Rus, a woman is not allowed to live on her own, Vasya can choose to marry or join a convent. Instead she chooses to run away in the middle of a dark and bitter winter. Can she count on Morozko, the frost demon for help? Meanwhile, her brother, Sasha, is employed as an advisor to the prince of Moscow. These are uneasy times as the Khan demands a monetary tribute from Moscow every year and war hovers on the horizon. This story was worth the wait, and lovers of The Bear and the Nightingale will not be disappointed 

Chord of Evil by Sarah Rayne. Published by Severn HouseĀ 

Phineas has been roped into helping his neighbor, Toby, look for his cousin Arabella who has disappeared. The only clue may lie in a portrait, given to her by her godfather, Stefan, a portrait of his sister, Christa Klein. Christa was an infamous accused murderer, but what could a murder that happened on 1941 have to do with Arabella’s disappearance? A tightly plotted historical mystery 

Half Past by Victoria Helen Stone. Published by Lake UnionĀ 

Having a parent start the slide into dementia is one of the most painful things a person can witness. For Hananah Smith, who’s lost her husband and her job, going home to care for her aging mother, just adds insult to injury. Always on the outside in her family, she’s felt inferior to her two older sisters her whole life and not looking forward to the homecoming. But when her mother begins to insist that Hannah is not her daughter, she’s sure at first that it’s all down to her mother’s illness, but then she begins to wonder if maybe there’s something more to it. This book touches on so many issues children with aging parents deal with. I could relate to Hannah and I believe many other readers will as well 

National Parks by Rolf Margeneau. Published by BooksGoSocial

Whether you support our current president and administration or not, I think you’ll agree that the United States has become somewhat…….weird, irrelevant and just plain crazy. This satire explores how our politicians are slowly but surely gutting our national parks, arguably the best idea our country has ever had. If you like Carl Hiassen and his wacky antics about Florida’s environment, you’ll love this 

MAD Librarian by Michael Guillebeau. Published by IBPA

This book is truly every librarian’s dream come true. After fighting budget battles over and over again, librarian Serenity has lost her library funding. What’s a librarian gonna do? How about ripping off the city that’s ripping off its citizens? Serenity begins helping herself to the funds that local politicians have been setting aside for their own personal “rainy day “. With the money she amasses she can build a library to thrill readers everywhere. Problem is, those politicians aren’t too thrilled to see their money disappearing and they plan to do anything to get it back. Why in the world are libraries always under threat? A funny, moving story of our most precious institutions under threat