Death in the Garden by Michael Brown. Published by Pen & Sword

Whether you are a gardener or a history buff, you’ll love this nonfiction book about the poisonous plants we have feared, revered and misunderstood for thousands of years. Brown begins with the ancients, who used poisonous plants to stealthily dispatch enemies and moves on to the Middle Ages where kingdoms were often lost and won with the help of poison dispensed through food, drink and even clothing. Then in more modern times when people began to use plant based household products to murder and others to get rid of unwanted plants and pests, unaware they were also often dooming themselves. My biggest surprise was learning how many of my own plants were poisonous. I knew about foxglove and lily of the valley, but columbine and crocuses? Who knew? Brown provides a comprehensive list of poisonous plants likely found in our gardens, accompanied with gorgeous photos and a fascinating history of the plant, and its uses (and abuses). An absolute necessity for the home gardener, I know I’ve decided to plant my very own poison garden this summer

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