Megge of Bury Down by Rebecca Kightlinger. Published by IBPA Audiobooks. Narrated by Jan Cramer

This fascinating story takes place in 13th century England, where Megge is readying herself to take on her role as village healer for Bury Down. She is learning from her mother, but also from The Book of Seasons, an ancient book that holds the wisdom of Murga, the first seer of the village, centuries earlier. It will be part of Megge’s job to protect the book, but she has a potent fear of the book, that it will be her undoing and refuses to even look at it. It’s only when the Church sends an emissary to hunt down the “heretics and witches” and jail the owner of the book, that Megge will find the courage to accept and embrace her heritage. Cramer’s narration is spot on, clear and commanding, bringing this story of women’s power to life

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