Neighing With Fire by Kathryn O’Sullivan. Published by St. Martins

The tourist season in Corrola is interrupted when a hurricane blows through, exposing a body buried underneath a beach boardwalk. When the body of sleazy developer Denny Curtis is found at the scene of a suspicious fire, fire chief Colleen McCabe and her new boyfriend, Sheriff Bill Dorman are on both cases. Everyone in town hated Curtis, even Colleen had her reasons for wanting him gone, so there are plenty of suspects to choose from. When Pink Salvatore becomes the lead suspect, Colleen steps up to do some extra investigating. She doesn’t believe he’s the killer, which means there’s still a bad guy on the loose. Colleen and Bill’s search turns up more suspects, a group devoted to saving the wild horses of Corolla and a group of underhanded developers looking to make a quick buck.

The setting for this book was beautiful and helped me forget for a little while that I am buried under 6 feet of snow way up here in Maine. A great read for any time of year 🙂

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