Life for a Life by T. Frank Muir. Published by Chicago Review

DCI Gilchrist lands a baffling new case. A woman’s partially clothed body has been found on a coastal path, rope still around one wrist. His investigations reveal something almost impossible to believe. There is a battle for supremacy being fought over human trafficking and the players are some very influential people. From the Home Office to one of Scotland’s most infamous crime families, it seems some very important people have a lot to lose if the truth comes out. That’s when Gilchrist finds himself face to face with a killer, the most dangerous and frightening man he’s encountered in his career. It’s hard to believe we are talking about human trafficking in this day and age, and yet it’s one of the biggest problems facing law enforcement, facing us all in the 21st century. Muir’s story is a tautly told, frightening thriller

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