Rescue Road by Peter Zheutlin. Published by Sourcebooks

Reporter Zheutlin traveled along with Greg Mahle on his “rescue road” where he finds unwanted, abandoned dogs in the south and transports them to new and loving homes in the northeast. Mahle’s own journey began when he closed the last of his family owned restaurants. No job and no money didn’t leave him many options, but  a van full of puppies looking for homes provided Mahle with a calling he didn’t even knew he had. Traveling to some of the more economically depressed areas of the deep south, he visits animal shelters with high kill rates, or just saves skinny strays right off the streets. With the help and dedication of devoted volunteers all along the way, he finds new forever homes for each of his peopleless dogs. This is such an incredible story – if you are a dog lover like me, you’ll be smiling through your tears. There’s an amazing children’s book called Flawed Dogs by Berkley Breathed (of Bloom County fame) that talks about an angel descending from heaven to offering dogs “the flawed, unwanted….a second chance”. I think he must have been talking about Greg Mahle

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