Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed. Published by Little, Brown

This is the second book with an end of the world scenario that puts women in a frightening and subjugating position they must fight to overcome that I have read recently, and it’s all the more frightening and too close to home with Donald Trump about to take office as president. While most of the country is scorched wasteland, an island just off the coast has a population of survivors. Years before 10 men and their families formed their own community, one where access to history and knowledge was closely guarded. Women are little better than cattle, marrying at puberty and reproducing until they are too old, and then put to sleep, like animals. A select group of men, descendants of the first 10 men are allowed into the former world, where they scavenge what they can. One day a young girl sees something that stands in direct contradiction to everything she has ever been taught. Jane Solomon, a 17-year-old who refuses to become a brood mare and is starving herself to death, hears the news and begins sowing the seeds for a revolution, an uprising of the daughters.  Scary good


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